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05/04/21 -  2021 Race cancelled.

30/04/2020 - Race cancelled

16/03/20 -      Coronavirus update

29/01/2020 -  Race Date Announced

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2021 Race Announcement


Due to uncertainties ragarding public events we are not able to hold the event this year (2021).

See you all next year, when hopefully life will look a little more normal.

Take care.

Hardwick 10k Organising Committee

Supported and promoted by Pilsley Parish Council & North Derbyshire Running Club.

The organisers would also like to thank Pugh Lewis and HW Martin for practical support & sponsorship

Some prospective runners have asked whether they can contribute their intended entry fee to our selected charity for the 2020 race. You are very welcome to make a contribution using the above link, should you wish to do so.

Course Records

Original format (6 miles, 285 yards = 9.916km)

Trevor Fieldsend, Sheffield AC     30:54

Kay Barrington, Hallamshire AC  37:04

New 10k format

Daniel Haworth, Keswick AC        33:25

Lucy Neimz, Run Forest Run        38:36